The Jukejoint Handmedowns were established in 2010 as a duo act by founding members Nathan James and Tim Foley. They describe themselves as a 'Big Tent' American Roots group whose eclectic set list mixes old school country & western, 70's AM pop radio hits, jazz standards, rock and roll, an extensive catalog of original material, and just about anything else that strikes their fancy. Expanding to a trio in 2011 with the addition of Paul Harris on steel guitar, and then to a quartet in 2012 when Craig Van Otteren signed on as Mandolin/3rd Harmony, this entertaining group, with their country/bluegrass instrumentation, three part harmonies and suprising song choices are a hit with young and old alike.

Nathan James (rhythm & lead guitar, vocals) found a guitar in the closet and started playing in high school. Formerly a member of West Michigan bluegrass band 'Rusty Thimbles', and playing in various bands for the past 20 years. Mainly on guitar in our live shows, Nate is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, also playing ukulele, keyboards, harmonica, banjo, mandolin and percussion on several of our studio recordings.

Tim Foley (doghouse bass, vocals) learned to play guitar on an old Harmony Sovereign given to him by his uncle on his 13th birthday and has been playing in living rooms and around campfires since the early eighties, when, on a whim, he took up bass and cello about 15 years ago. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, cello), and the group's 'recording engineer' and 'art director', he's been playing in the St. Cecilia Adult Orchestra on both bass and cello for several years, plays cello in a string quartet, and is currently principal bassist for the Kent Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tim and Nate met at a Songwriter Group Meeting in the spring of 2010 and formed the JJHD as a "country & western" duo shortly thereafter. The act was honed on the streets of Holland at their summer 'Street Performer Series' and soon graduated to bars, festivals, private parties and nightclubs.

Paul Harris (pedal steel guitar or 'the ironing board') Paul's musical journey started with the gift of a Gretsch Country Gentlemen guitar for high school graduation. After 10 years playing guitar with local classic rock band 'Buffalo Cannon' he got the itch to play pedal steel guitar and signed on with the Jukejoint crew in the spring of 2011 and has since become an indispensable part of the 'Jukejoint Sound'.

Craig Van Otteren (mandolin, vocals) A good friend gave Craig an old Alvarez 6-string to learn on in the fall of '82. For the last 8 years it has served well as the house guitar at Quinn & Tuite's Open Mic which he hosts on Friday nights in Grand Rapids. In 2001, Craig took a liking to his wife's "Kentucky" mandolin. He now gets his kicks singing harmony and playing a Bill Bussmann "Old Wave" C# model mando. Also a member of the groups 'The Willeys' and 'The Significant Otters'. Craig's tent is also a regular fixture at several summer outdoor music festivals, and has volunteered at the Wheatland Music Festival for several years on 'kid's hill'. Craig signed on with the JJHD boys in the spring of 2012, and his command of that 'elusive third part harmony' and skills at improvisation have rounded out the band's sound immeasurably.