"It was great to have you at Buttermilk for the Folk School this year. Folks seemed to love your workshop - I am sad I missed it! We hope you will be back with us and the Folk School next year. Best Wishes, Christyl"
- Christyl Burnett, Buttermilk Jamboree Folk School

"Sixteen songs about death don't make a CD bleak and depressiong. In the hands of this four-piece, country-hued quartet, it's a delight. (entire feature article on Local Spins)
- John Sinkevics, "Local Spins", Grand Rapids Michigan

"Thank you again for playing at Andie's Open House. You guys were the highlight of the party. I have had so many friends tell me how much they enjoyed your music and want to plan trips to GR to see you guys play. It meant a lot to us that you did that."
- Margo & John Barber, Lansing Michigan

"Can't say enough about how perfect you were for our reception ... exactly what we wanted! And you nailed the Avett Brothers cover for our first dance. All our guests wanted to know how we found you. Thank you so much!"
- Stephanie Haag Hughes, Grand Rapids Michigan

"I can't get enough of this fine CD. All of the songs are written by band members. The songs are so memorable ... stuck in my music head when I'm not even listening. My 11 year old musical grandson heard it for the first time today and was singing along by the 2nd time I played it for him. I like so many of the songs, I can't pick one favorite. I would say "Cold, Cold Steel", "When I Die" and "Call My Name" are my favorites."
- Diane Brooks, Amazon CD Review of "Jukejoint Handmedowns Sing Songs of Death, Murder & the Afterlife"

"The Jukejoint Handmedowns, 6:45 pm Saturday, Fountain Stage: Intriguingly, it's described as "big tent country & western" music. But it's also wildly entertaining retro-country stuff as their hook-filled debut album, "Everything But the Squeal", proves.
- John Sinkevics, Local Spins festival performance plug (June 2012)

“With multiple vocalists, simple rhythms, and classic, down-home roots country music, the Jukejoint Handmedowns bring you to a serene and lax mood. On Everything But the Squeal, they showcase their melancholy songwriting abilities with a lengthy sixteen tracks of straight western country music. It does not get much more roots than that. Bravo to the orthodox songwriting styling; it is truly a trip to the west. The fellows in Jukejoint Handmedowns are a well-seasoned group that is comfortable in their dynamic. If you are looking for some throwback country styling, these boys will not let you down.”
- Logan Baily, "Listen to the Mitten" review of "Everything But the Squeal" (April 2013)

"Channeling all sorts of musical styles through their four-piece country-bluegrass instrumentation, these fine players have taken some of the best elements of the past 20 years of revival-pop music and made a very friendly collection of songs which veer away slightly from the usual Americana-style singer/songwriter stuff and get nearer to old-time country music, tin-pan alley, and dare I say it, sedately Barenaked Ladies-style jazz-influenced acoustic guitar rock. The recording itself is very smooth and intimate, as if the musicians were standing in your living room. Bring your mandolin and road trip down to to check it out."
- RC, Recoil Magazine

"The best band you never heard."
- Dave Eder, former owner of 'Jukes' in Grand Rapids

"As upright bassist Tim Foley puts it, the Jukejoint Handmedowns' sophomore album is about "all the women who've driven us crazy." So, with a healthy dose of pedal steel guitar, mandolin and banjo, Foley, Nathan James, Paul Harris and Craig Van Otteren twang ahead with tears-in-beer tales of women-inspired wonder and woe in retro-country fashion that the band describes as "big tent American roots" music."
- John Sinkevics, Spins on Music, review of "Oh Me Oh My!" (2013)

"Having had the extreme pleasure of seeing the Jukejoint Handmedowns many times in a variety of live venues, I have come to deeply appreciate not only their talent and skilled musicianship, but also their impressive song-writing abilities (both Tim and Nate) and the great sense of fun that they bring to their music and their performances. Those of us who know them well are thrilled to have an "official" recording to savor and share with others. Those of you who are reading this and may not know them... make the effort to: buy this CD, take your shoes off, sit back and smile. If you can catch them performing live, do that too. Your universe will be better for it all."
- G.M. 'Bud' Thompson, Amazon Review

"Living in Nashville and hearing all the BS commercial marketed country music. It sure is refreshing to finally hear a band that has gone back to the roots! Love the simplicity and the steel guitar! Are you boys out of Texas?"
- Rods of Cane, iTunes Review